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Nature's Connection, Unleashed

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HENRY-CHRISTOPH BIOPHILIC INDUSTRIES, LLC is a nature-loving, caring, protecting, and developing company created to create safe nature-based amusement activities and touristic destinations for the complete joy and satisfaction of all nature and fun-loving people looking for an escape, a breather, or some placidity in a very troubled world. We gladly and proudly provide memorable, beyond compare, safe, affordable, and satisfying zipline and jungle buggy tour services in a paradise-like environment.

We belive in

Thrilling Zipline Adventures

Reforestation Initiatives

Become part of our noble mission to restore and conserve the beauty of natural forests through active participation.

Biophilic Developments

Experience harmonious architecture and nature with our biophilic developments creating spaces in tune with nature.

Environmental Protection

Be part of our commitment to safeguarding the Earth’s resources through proactive environmental conservation efforts.


Discover nature’s wonders on our guided tours. Expert guides, breathtaking landscapes, unforgettable experiences. Join us today!

Henry-Christoph J. Placide


As the founder of Henry-Christoph Biophilic Industries, my joy lies in fostering a closer bond between humanity and the environment through nature-based adventures.

Meet Our Founder

Rev. Henry-Christoph J. Placide

Reverend Henry-Christoph J. Placide, the visionary behind Henry-Christoph Biophilic Industries, LLC, is driven by a deep passion for nature and a strong commitment to creating meaningful experiences for nature lovers. With years of expertise in environmental conservation and sustainable tourism, Reverend Placide has dedicated his life to connecting people with the wonders of our natural world.

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Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of our gallery, showcasing the wonders of nature and the joy-filled moments experienced by our adventurers. Each image captures the essence of our nature-based activities, from exhilarating zipline adventures to thrilling jungle buggy tours.

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